Floods in South Districts

During the floods in South Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services (TNFRS) Department played a crucial role in conducting flood relief operations in Thoothukudi, TIrunelveli, Kanyakumari and Tenkasi Districts. The floods, caused by heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers, resulted in widespread damage and displacement of people from 16.12.2023 to 24.12.2023. 


During the rescue operations, Fire Personnel rescued 6975 human lives that includes 3219 male, 3169 female, 593 children. More than 1000 animals and cattle were also rescued from the floods.


The TNFRS, equipped with trained personnel and specialized equipment, quickly mobilized its resources to assist in rescue and relief efforts. They worked tirelessly to rescue stranded individuals, evacuate people from flood-affected areas, and provide medical assistance to those in need.


One of the key tasks undertaken by the TNFRS was the rescue of people trapped in floodwaters. Using boats, the rescue teams navigated through the flooded streets to reach those in distress. They also used ropes and other equipment to pull people to safety from rooftops and other elevated areas.


In addition to rescue operations, the TNFRS also provided relief to those affected by the floods. They distributed food, water, and other essential supplies to people living in relief camps and other temporary shelters. They also worked with other agencies to provide medical care to the injured and sick.


Director of Tamilnadu Fire and Rescue Services DGP Abhash Kumar IPS camped at the south districts, guided the fire personnel and monitored rescue operations. Chief Secretary of Tamilnadu Thiru. Shiv Das Meena IAS, Commissioner of Revenue Administration and Disaster Management Thiru S.K.Prabakar IAS and District Collector, Thoothukudi visited one of the rescue spot at Agaram village and appreciated fire personnel for their dedicated work.


Overall, the TNFRS played a crucial role in responding to the floods in South Tamil Nadu. Their efforts helped save lives, alleviate suffering, and provide much-needed assistance to the affected communities.

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