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The concept of Safety Volunteers is a part of our Safety From Home movement. The Safety Volunteers Scheme works on the principle that the internet provides the opportunity of linking together the talent and efforts of various persons living in different parts of the country, or even the world, without these persons having to get together.
Let us conceptualise it like this: A person is a potential unit for creation of safer environment. He or she is capable of making a contribution towards the effort of making the society safer. He may be a chemical engineer or a student or a doctor or a press reporter or may belong to any profession. Once all those, living in their various corners, are brought together by this web as registered Safety Volunteers, will they through a Discussion Forum not be able to decide each his or her own role in the effort to make the society safer? Is it necessary that this Department should specify a role for each individual, or think of a traditional system of training?
Trainings can, no doubt, be started when found necessary. We can even think of e-trainings through this website or a combination of e-trainings and a short course in our training centre. The first step is to identify a group of volunteers who feel that they can and should contribute some effort towards making society safer and then make these volunteers interact so that together they could find the ways to operate in their own individual style.
Should the Safety Volunteers Scheme be restricted only to Tamil Nadu or even India? The culture of Safety should not be bound by national or political boundaries. It is our common human concern. The structure of the Safety Volunteers Scheme is so flexible that it permits a man sitting in America to make a contribution to the safety in Chennai. Let us say we need some reading material for use in our Advanced Training Centre and our Safety Volunteer in America is an expert who can provide it to us. Is this not the much-needed help?
If you are keen become a part of this effort, please join by addressing the message to me at

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